Start Archiwum 2014/2015 Love Songs

Annual  English Songs Festival

On Tuesday 10th March 2015 we held traditional English Songs Festival. Every year our students share their talents with the whole school community. This year there were 13 participants who sang beautiful love songs in English. We could see and listen to 6 soloists and 7 vocal groups. Our audience was delighted  and excited,  all singers were greeted with thunderous applause. Event was hosted by Rafał Kańczugowski, class IIe. Our jury:  Mrs Anna Ducin, Mrs Elżbieta Piskorska, Mrs Agnieszka Wolak and Natalia Tomaszewska, class IIIb.
And here is the list of our Winners!

1st place – Aleksandra Czopor, class IIIa 
2nd place – Damian Dąbek, class IIa 
3rd place – Małgorzata Adamczyk, class IIa 
Vocal group, class I a 
Special Award – Natalia Dalmata, class IIId /saxophone solo/ 
Congratulations to Winners and all participants! See you next year.

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